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Augmented Reality & Groupon

Groupon is one of the hot social media tools which is changing the way businesses are connecting with consumers (aka B2C marketing). Groupon Now is about to launch with an augmented reality component which just makes sense. Watch an example by clicking here: Groupon Now

Radio sales people seem to be in denial about Groupon and are focusing on complaints from business owners who haven’t seen success using the service. Of course, for years the radio industry also has had to deal with those kinds of complaints as well from small business owners with unrealistic expectations. Meanwhile, Groupon is putting boots on the ground in local markets to compete with radio, TV and newspaper ad sales departments.

If you own a smartphone, would Groupon Now be a useful tool for you? How about your friends & family? Would be interested to learn your thoughts.

Recognize The Face But Can’t Rememeber The Name? AR Can Help!

It happens to everybody. You run into someone at the store, on the subway, while on vacation. You recognize their face but can’t for the life of you remember their name. To the rescue: a facial recognition AR app on your smartphone!

And that’s not all. Watch this courtesy of Augmented Reality guru, John C. Havens:

Can you see how Augmented Reality might become a useful tool for you?

Augmented Reality Goes Mainstream

This week was our wedding anniversary so I was in our local Saratoga Springs, NY Hallmark store looking for a card for my wife. While I was perusing their selection, I noticed a video display and was amazed to discover that Hallmark is embracing Augmented Reality.

Here’s a video posting from MommyReporter:

I first discovered AR last summer around this time and have been fascinated by its potential. Most people are still unaware of Augmented Reality but now that a mass appeal company like Hallmark is employing this technology, I expect to see a lot more market penetration for AR during the next 12 months.

Here’s a link for the Hallmark website:

Your thoughts?

Shopping In 3D

Earlier this year, I showed you how augmented reality can be used as part of the clothes shopping experience. Now, YOUReality and metalio have created an Online Retail Visualization 3D tool to help you see how furniture, appliances, electronics or other accessories might look in your current living space.

And for your iPhone:

How soon do you think it will be before you start taking this type of technology for granted?

Augmented Reality & Good Citizenship

With their tendency towards neutrality, I guess it’s not too surprising that Dutch citizens are reluctant to interfere in other people’s fights. This is presenting a problem for the Dutch government because public employees are frequently being confronted by aggression or actual violence. To encourage people to help public workers when they’re being violently confronted, the government has created an augmented reality billboard, placed above a busy intersection in Amsterdam. The billboard shows a real-time view of the street below but superimposes a green screen-filmed street fight into the otherwise empty curb space. As passersby stop to stare at themselves on the billboard, they are confronted with a tense altercation occurring right in front of them. Check it out:

Mashable reports: “The Dutch government hopes the ad will provoke a feeling of shame by showing citizens what they look like when they ignore such situations. It’s an ambitious and complex emotional experiment that injects AR into daily life. It’s also inspiring intense interest from Amsterdam pedestrians.” Your thoughts?

Augmented Reality In Your Windshield

Mashable reports that GM “has been working with several universities to develop a working next-generation heads-up display that turns an ordinary windshield into an augmented reality information dashboard.” The system could help drivers in conditions of poor visibility to identify things like road signs, the edges of roads, animals near the road, etc. and also go your GPS one step better by outlining the exact building that you’re heading to. According to General Motors, the system should be available in its vehicles in the relatively near future.

How Can Small Business Benefit From Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality promises to integrate existing internet content into a physical context which can benefit small businesses.

Jeremiah Owyand points out in his blog that the businesses which can benefit from Augmented Reality include “Any retail or commercial entity with a physical space, any company that sells physical products, any company that does advertising in real life”

According to Owyand, in spite AR’s promises its biggest challenges will be creating useful applications instead of things which simply appeal to the geeky among us.

In this clip, GoWeb3D’s founder, Dave Elchoness shows Augmented Reality in action.

And this short video about using AR to buy a car is fun

Augmented Reality & Michael Jackson

(Photo courtesy of Daniel Alexander/

I first met John C. Havens at one of my friend, Bill Sobel’s NY:MIEG (NY Media Information Exchange Group) monthly networking breakfasts in Manhattan. John is a very likeable and knowledgeable guy on the social media scene who hosts a podcast on BlogTalkRadio. Recently he’s been doing a series about a subject I’d never heard of before, “augmented reality”. To be honest, I still don’t quite understand it but you can listen to John’s “Tactical Transparency” podcast about it here:

“The Official Michael Jackson Opus” biography which is now available at is 400 pages, weighs 26 pounds and features “augmented reality” that will allow you to integrate both video and music so that you can watch and listen through your computer (webcam required). It will cost you $ 249 at

You can watch Al Roker’s TODAY SHOW interview about the book and see an example of how it will integrate “augmented reality” here:

Any thoughts about how you might be incorporating “augmented reality” into your daily life in the next few years?